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Hana Chung

Mike Klineman

Mike Klineman was employed in the Marshall of Business for 19 years (1978-1997), mostly as an Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs after being hired as Director of Student Affairs. During much of that time, he was responsible for orientation programs (both on-campus and out of state), advisement, scholarships, and the registration of over 3000 students taking business courses.

Anthony D. Lazzaro

Lazzaro, who first joined the University’s administration in 1948 after he graduated from USC, served as the foremost administrator in monumental projects such as the University’s involvement in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the construction of two-thirds of USC’s current buildings, and the creation of the University’s Health Sciences Campus.

Michael Waterman

Michael Waterman’s visionary scholarship has changed the landscape of science and technology. A brilliant mathematician and statistician, he is known as the founder of computational biology, a discipline that deepens our understanding of the natural world through the use of massive data-based algorithms and computer models. His discoveries continue to inspire students and colleagues to push the boundaries of scientific research at USC, and beyond.

Martin H. Weiss

A leader within the world of neurosurgery, Martin H. Weiss has helped shape medical education and practice at USC for almost half a century. The Keck community admires his encyclopedic knowledge of general medicine, a trait that makes him a remarkable educator and scholar. That same mental fortitude comes across in his work as a practitioner and medical pioneer – one who has touched the lives of patients everywhere.