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Trojan Encore

Trojan Encore is a special initiative of the USC Emeriti Center. Many retired Trojans want to continue to support the mission of USC by volunteering or working short-term in various USC schools, departments and divisions.

How Does it Work?

  • When we are contacted by USC units needing help or the Center is looking for volunteers, we review the online retiree profiles to see if there might be a good match for a special job or initiative and then forward the appropriate Trojan Encore registrants to that USC unit. The hiring manager can interview and hire as desired. There are two ways that hiring managers can hire USC retirees: 1) as a resource employee on the USC payroll (under 50% time or full time for less than 1,000 hours) or 2) contact Trojan Temps and hire the retiree as a temporary worker through a temp agency.
  • The majority of opportunities are for volunteering. To view interesting volunteer programs, please visit our volunteer page.

For more information and questions please contact: