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Event Recap: Evolving Technologies That You Can Use DailyEvent Recap

Last updated 12/08/2023

GeroTechSC Overview:

A student-run service organization, successfully hosted a technology workshop on December 2nd, 2023, with a focus on empowering older adults through technology education. In collaboration with the Emeriti Center and the Half Century Trojans, the workshop aimed to bridge the generation gap by providing insights into various aspects of modern technology.

Event Highlights:

  • Workshop Focus: The workshop centered around the intersection of technology and the daily lives of older adults. It was designed to be inclusive, covering a range of topics such as navigating transportation services, using in-store kiosks, setting up digital wallets, exploring smart devices, and understanding Bluetooth functionalities.
  • Interactive Elements: The presentation featured videos and live demonstrations to enhance comprehension and accessibility. By incorporating visual aids, the GeroTech team aimed to make the workshop engaging and informative for attendees.
  • Q&A Session: Following the presentations, a Q&A session allowed attendees to seek clarification, share their experiences, and engage in a meaningful dialogue with the presenters. This interactive element contributed to a collaborative learning environment.
  • Technological Topics Covered:
    • Navigating transportation services (Uber, Lyft, etc.),
    • Working with in-store kiosks and self-checkout machines,
    • Setting up digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay),
    • Exploring smart devices like robot vacuums, delivery machines, technology-directed toasters, and thermostats,
    • Setting up Bluetooth for CarPlay, Airdrop, AirTag, and Find My iPhone.

Session Recording: GeroTechSC Recording