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Mike Klineman

Last updated 10/11/2021

Mike Klineman was employed in the Marshall of Business for 19 years (1978-1997), mostly as an Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs after being hired as Director of Student Affairs. During much of that time, he was responsible for orientation programs (both on-campus and out of state), advisement, scholarships, and the registration of over 3000 students taking business courses. He also oversaw and served as an advisory role to as many as 20 Business school student groups and supervised professional, paraprofessional, and administrative staff. Additionally, he was responsible for the oversight of the undergraduate Business School satellite commencement Ceremony

When Mike first started working in the Business school, he helped create an undergraduate business admissions office for junior year admission as a business major at USC. He was involved in the University governance system as well as being on numerous University-wide committees and task forces. He was elected to serve on the Staff Assembly and served as both President and Vice-President. Mike also served on the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures including being on the Executive Committee.

Since retiring from USC, Mike was employed at Santa Monica College for 18 ½ years as a faculty member in the International Counseling office helping to provide personal counseling, advisement, and other services to over 3,000 international students. He taught a one-unit Counseling class about the higher education system in the US to international students for all 18 years. Furthermore, he was faculty advisor to the International Student Forum, which was a student group specifically for international students.

Mike was selected to participate in a professional development program that went to Beijing and Xian, China to learn about history and culture there. Santa Monica had 3000 students from China and this trip was a valuable experience to understand their background and culture.

Mike retired from Santa Monica College at the end of 2016. Since that time, he has been able to get involved in many activities through the Emeriti Center at USC. Mike is on the Staff Retirement Association (SRA) and the Retired Faculty Association(RFA) Boards. He was elected and served two terms (two years each) as the SRA president. He served on other Emeriti Center committees such as the Benefit and Executive Leadership committees and was the retiree representative on the University Club Board for two years.

Since retiring, Mike has been taking non-credit courses through an organization called Omnilore. These courses meet eight times over a four-month period and all students are responsible for a presentation during the term. For physical exercise, Mike has been playing golf two times a week as well as walking twice a day. Before the pandemic, he and his wife traveled throughout the United States and abroad. He is dedicated to other activities and tries to stay active mentally and physically.

Mike says it’s very important for retirees to find a way to stay active. Community service is one way and can be satisfying to retirees. He believes it’s important to feel connected to others and maintain a good social network once retired. For some, working part-time is another option to pursue, Mike suggests. Retiring is similar to students graduating from college, according to Mike.

“In both cases, a new lifestyle is necessary and created. This can be satisfying but challenging. I think being productive will contribute to a lifestyle that has meaning and satisfaction,” he says.