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Emeriti Center

Colleagues For Life

We are

  • Multigenerational
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Multicultural

Since its founding in 1978, the USC Emeriti Center has served the university’s retirees and pre-retirees in living healthy and purposeful lives by providing essential information, resources, services, advocacy, privileges, and support. Part of the Office of the Provost, the Emeriti Center offers most of its services and programs free of charge and open to campus and community. We are an inclusive community celebrating our diverse population and offer many intergenerational learning programs throughout the year.



retirement Planning

As you approach and begin retirement, the USC Emeriti Center is here to help. We have a wealth of information and ideas to share. Although this information is not a substitute for, nor does USC offer, legal, tax, or financial advice, we hope you will find it helpful, and invite you to contact us with any further questions.

Retiree Privileges

We proudly recognize those who have honorably served USC for years by offering opportunities to receive benefits such as the USC Gold Card and Emeritus Status to those who are eligible.


The USC Emeriti Center helps retirees connect with the information and resources they need to help maximize enjoyment of their retirement years. Along with the Emeriti Center Retiree Community Newsletter, the following links provide information other retirees have found useful. Please contact the Emeriti Center at if you have suggestions for additions to the list.

Make A Gift

It is through your generosity that we are able to offer more events and educational programs, honor and preserve our USC history, and engage in new service initiatives. Many of our services simply would not be possible without the philanthropic support of those who share our mission.

get Involved

Be a part of the USC Emeriti Center whether you are a student, staff, or retiree. We strive to be an inclusive community and have various programs and volunteer opportunities you can participate in and get involved with.

Retired Faculty Association

Established in 1949, the RFA promotes the wellbeing of its colleagues, advocates for USC retirement benefits, and provides opportunities to enjoy intellectual, cultural, and social activities.

Staff Retirement Association

The SRA, established in 1986, offers social, educational, and entertaining programs to bring members together and reinforce their lifelong relationship with each other and USC


The USC Emeriti Center strives to be an inclusive community that is Multigenerational, Multidisciplinary, and Multicultural. In doing so we have various programs to recognize and showcase the achievements of retired faculty and staff, as well as programs to support the USC community and its students.