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USC Retired Faculty Association

Caldwell Neighborhood
Scholarship Program

Conceived by the late Professor Russell Caldwell in the mid-1960s, this scholarship was meant to encourage and support students from the USC campus neighborhood while they are students at USC. The criteria for selection include leadership, initiative, academic program and achievement, and community service while taking into account any extenuating circumstances.

Fostering Dr. Caldwell’s longstanding legacy of support for students from our neighborhood schools, the Caldwell scholars are genuinely inspiring young people, high academic achievers who regularly reach back and commit themselves to USC’s many community engagements such as tutoring local middle and high school students. Learn more about our scholars.

Only two new scholarships are awarded each year and each is renewable for an additional three years pending academic progress. The Retired Faculty Association (RFA) helps administer it in partnership with the USC Financial Aid Office. This scholarship program awards $3,000 each year to eight scholars; this requires a $24,000 annual commitment. Please help the RFA keep the Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program alive and continue to support these stellar students by making a gift today!

Your support of the Emeriti Center and your specific retiree association (RFA or SRA) would also be greatly appreciated. Any amount will count! 

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