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Be a part of the USC Emeriti Center and our two Associations whether you are a student, faculty, staff, or retiree. We are an inclusive community with intergenerational academic, cultural, and wellness events and volunteer opportunities. Our USC school collaborations with students and faculty benefit the entire Trojan community and beyond, featuring experiential learning and increased understanding for all.

Retired Faculty Association

Established in 1949, the RFA promotes the wellbeing of its colleagues, advocates for USC retirement benefits, and provides opportunities to enjoy intellectual, cultural, and social activities.

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Staff Retirement Association

The SRA, established in 1986, offers social, educational, and entertaining programs to bring members together and reinforce their lifelong relationship with each other and USC. All members of USC staff and their spouses/partners/companions are eligible for membership. There is no age restriction. Active and retired staff are encouraged to join.

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The USC Emeriti Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities on and off-campus. Learn more about each volunteer program below.

Please Note: As the community is still affected by the pandemic, some of our volunteer opportunities are halted for the time being. Updates will be posted here on our website.