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Event Recap – RFA Intellectual Journey with Caleb “Tuck” Finch

Last updated 10/25/2023

We were delighted to host the Retired Faculty Association’s Intellectual Journey featuring University Professor Caleb “Tuck” Finch. In this captivating event, Dr. Finch led a compelling presentation and discussion, providing an in-depth look into his distinguished academic career.

You can access the recording to this event on the Emeriti Center’s YouTube account by clicking here

As the University Professor and ARCO/William F. Kieschnick Chair in the Neurobiology of Aging in the USC School of Gerontology, Dr. Finch held additional appointments in biology, anthropology, and psychology in Dornsife College. His groundbreaking research explored fundamental aspects of the human biology of aging, focusing on areas such as inflammation and nutritional influences. He delved into diseases of aging, with a particular emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease, and investigated the impact of air pollution on aging and its related diseases. 

Dr. Finch’s scholarly pursuits also led him to the intriguing realms of aging and nutrition in premodern societies, notably ancient Egypt and Greece. In 1983, he established the NIA-funded Alzheimer Disease Research Center, showcasing his dedication to advancing research in this critical field. Furthermore, he served as the co-director of the Air Pollution Brais Group, contributing significantly to our understanding of the environmental factors affecting aging.

In addition to his substantial scientific contributions, Dr. Finch was a prolific author, having penned six books and authored 600 articles that have enriched the academic landscape. Beyond academia, he shared his musical talents as a devoted bluegrass fiddler and co-founded the Iron Mountain String Band in 1963, leaving a cultural legacy that resonates to this day.

We are immensely grateful for Dr. Finch’s enlightening presentation and the valuable insights he shared during this Intellectual Journey. His wealth of knowledge and multifaceted contributions have undoubtedly left a mark on the academic community. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this memorable event.