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Supporting our Students

Last updated 11/27/2023

May 4 is Day of SCupport! Please offer support in the month of May!

We know you have many USC initiatives that might interest you. In May we hope you will choose one or two of the projects most dear to the hearts of our USC retired faculty and staff! The USC Caldwell Scholars need your help! And we need funding to support all USC students for the monthly intergenerational Trojan Table dinners during the school year. Won’t you please help us? To learn more please see below.

Trojan Table is a monthly home cooked or catered dinner for students provided by USC retirees, alumni, staff and faculty. Trojan Table is an act of caring and nurturing that offers USC students a chance to relax, meet new people, and communicate with adults who have no agenda other than listening and providing food.

“Thank you for putting your time and effort to feed hungry students! …I would like to personally connect! I’m a first gen student so I don’t have many people in my pocket who’ve been through college already… I liked the intention behind the food…wonderful food and nice people… I would love a chance to interact with all of you more. Your warm hospitality gave us a true feeling of home today!”

Thanks to the many who donated to help us fund this monthly dinner. We serve around 200 students each month with a variety of healthy and substantial meals. This costs about $15 per student. If you would like to help us fund the student meals, please consider donating so that we can continue this new tradition. To donate, click: TROJAN TABLE

For almost 60 years, the Caldwell Scholarship has served high-achieving local students as the first faculty-initiated community scholarship. Funded by faculty and staff retirees with the support of the USC Office of Financial Aid, over 450 students have received this scholarship. These students give back in numerous ways to the local community and to USC. We invite you to join us twice a year as we host a lunch for the scholars where they tell us about their studies and volunteer work.

To donate, click: russell-l-caldwell-neighborhood-scholarship