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Last updated 12/13/2023

Isaic Alonso

Isaic Alonso grew up in South Central Los Angeles. He and his older sister and brother were raised by a single immigrant mother who worked not only to provide for her children but made sure they all prioritized their education. As a child he would walk through the USC campus on his way home. As he got older he realized what an education at USC could offer him and dedicated himself to his studies so that one day he would be a USC student.

He graduated from Foshay Learning Center as part of the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative program. He has been accepted to USC as a psychology major, but would like to explore engineering as a major. At Foshay, Isaic was active in the Environmental Change Association, where he was a participant in the school’s recycling program. He was also a member of the Tech Academy, which engaged students in learning the technology of coding, building drones and websites, which allowed for much creativity. He is engaged in a variety of sports and was a member of the Foshay varsity basketball and swim teams. He has interned at a local recreational center, Friends of Expo Center, where he assisted counselors in working with the children attending summer camp. 

His career goal at USC is to discover a pursuing and engaging major that he truly loves and wishes to continue for the rest of his life. He aspires to find something that he is eager to start every morning and has a passion for. Regardless of the major he chooses, he aims to acquire a job in that field and hopes to give back to the community that has supported him.