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Volunteer Opportunities

The USC Emeriti Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities on and off-campus. Learn more about each volunteer program below.
Please Note: As the community is still affected by the pandemic, some of our volunteer opportunities are halted for the time being. Updates will be posted here on our website.

Trojan Encore

Trojan Encore is a special initiative of the USC Emeriti Center. Many retired Trojans want to continue to support the mission of USC by volunteering or working short-term in various USC schools, departments and divisions.

Trojan Table

Trojan Table is a monthly home cooked dinner for students provided by USC retirees, alumni, staff and faculty. Trojan Table is an act of caring and nurturing that offers USC students a chance to relax, meet new people, and communicate with adults.

USC and Community Opportunities

Connect with the USC and Los Angeles Community with our partnerships and other volunteer opportunities!

Trojan Connections

The USC Emeriti Center is offering an opportunity to call someone who might feel isolated and if you wish, to receive a call yourself.