Student Resources

The USC Emeriti Center’s mission is to be intergenerational, multicultural and interdisciplinary. With this in mind, our center offers resources for students of all disciplines to support their endeavors. We’re here to be your colleagues for life. Check out a list of services we provide to students, and feel free to stop on by in URC 103!

  • With the USC retiree community at our disposal, we can provide networking opportunities through connecting you to key contacts. We can also provide career insight to many fields of study.
  • We are also eager to support our students through grants for intergenerational, interdisciplinary and multicultural programs.
  • We can host students for internships within our office to provide opportunities for learning and getting hands-on experience.
  • We partner with other schools within USC on experiential learning.
  • To support the local community, we have the Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship that provides funds for USC students who graduate from local surrounding schools.
  • Most importantly, we’re here to listen and be a friend. We are a welcoming place that can be helpful to students who would just like to talk or bounce around ideas.
  • In Spring 2020, we started a series called “Trojan Table,” where we provide homestyle meals free of cost for all students who come by. We encourage drop-ins, to-go boxes and connecting!