USC Living History Project Interview List

Abdo, George: Administration

Ball, Louise: Keck School of Medicine
Bartner, Arthur C: USC Marching Band
Bekey, George: Department of Computer Science
Beglarian, Grant: Dean, School of Performing Arts**
Benson, Sidney W.: Department of Chemistry
Ross N. Berkes, Ross N.:  School of International Relations
Berton, Peter: School of International Relations
Bice, Scott: USC Gould School of Law
Biles, John A.: Dean, School of Pharmacy
Biller, Robert P.: Dean, School of Policy, Planning, and Development***
Birren, James: Dean, USC Davis School of Gerontology
Blankenchip, John Edward: School of Dramatic Arts
Briscoe, James: Transportation Services
Burg, Anton B.: Department of Chemistry

Callaghan, John: Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences                                    Christol, Carl Q.: Department of Political Science
Clements, Thomas: Department of Earth Sciences
Coffey, Robert E: Marshall School of Business
Cohn, Gordon: Keck School of Medicine

Dedeaux, Rod: Intercollegiate Athletics (Baseball)
Dockson, Robert R.: Dean, Marshall School of Business
Donovan, Arthur J.: Keck School of Medicine
Dummett, Clifton O.: School of Dentistry

Eddy, Janet: Disability Services and Programs
Edwards, Ward: Department of Psychology
Feldman, Frances Lomas: School of Social Work
Franklin, Carl: Administration

Fromson, Murray: Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism
Golomb, Sol:Viterbi School of Engineering
Hadley, Paul: School of International Relations
Hadley, Paul: AROHE
Hall, J. Tillman: Department of Physical Education**
Hammond, G. Denman: Keck School of Medicine
Hamovitch, Maurice: School of Social Work
Henderson, Brian D.: Keck School of Medicine
Hilton, H. Dale: Naval Science and Alumni Association
House, Howard P.: Keck School of Medicine
Hubbard, John R.: University President; Department of History

Larue, Gerald A.: Davis School of Gerontology
Lazzaro, Anthony D.: Administration
Lee, Peter V.: Keck School of Medicine
Lewis, Daniel: Thornton School of Music

Mannes, Robert L.: Office of Student Affairs; Viterbi School of Engineering
Manning, Phil: Keck School of Medicine
Mathies, Allen W.: Keck School of Medicine
Meloan, Taylor: Marshall School of Business
Mishell, Jr., Daniel R.: Keck School of Medicine

Nelson, Dorothy P.: School of Law

Peterson, James: Davis School of Gerontology

Rehman, Irving: Keck School of Medicine
Rudisill, Alvin: Department of Religion
Russell, John: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Schnepp, Otto: Department of Chemistry
Servis, Kenneth: Department of Chemistry; Academic Records
Shapiro, Eudice: Thornton School of Music
Solomon, Barbara J.: School of Social Work
Spitzer, William: Dean, LAS
Stoops, Emery: Rossier School of Education
Strevey, Tracy: Administration

Topping, Norman: Administration
Totten, III, George Oakley: Department of Political Science
Tranquada, Robert E.: Keck School of Medicine

Van Der Meulen, Joseph: Keck School of Medicine
Von Hofe, Harold: School of German Studies

Warner, Nancy: Keck School of Medicine
Wedberg, Conrad F.: Governmental Affairs
Weisberg, Ruth: Dean, USC Roski School of Art and Design

* The late Grant Beglarian is the subject of this interview. Interviewed are Spencer Beglarian, Grant’s son, and William Thomson, former Dean, Thornton School of Music.
** Unit no longer exists.