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Briana Lizbeth Chavez Ramos

Last updated 05/23/2022

Briana is a Political Science major on the pre-law track. Her activities at USC have included volunteering with JEP as a mentor for children who live in shelters, feeding the homeless population in Los Angeles through Share-A-Meal, and mentoring 3rd -12th grade students in the student-run organization Troy Camp. She works at the USC Ticket Office as well as at USC Transportation. In the Fall semester of 2019, Briana interned at Parent Revolution, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting parents of students attending LAUSD schools. Briana is involved in Greek life at USC as well – she is a sister of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc., a sorority within the Multicultural Greek Council, in which she has leadership roles and is a member of Phi Alpha Delta, a co-ed fraternity dedicated to guiding pre-law students through their years at USC. This past year she has been working as a legal assistant at Miranda Rights Law Firm, criminal defense attorneys. After graduation this May, Briana plans on taking a year off to live in Spain and work as a teacher’s assistant in tutoring children in English and hopes to attend law school in Fall 2023.

Briana’s Scholar Spotlight

“My name is Briana Chavez, and I am a rising senior expected to graduate in Spring 2022. Growing up, I always wanted to become a surgeon because I knew that I could have a successful life in the medical field. However, during my junior year of high school, I learned about the OJ Simpson murder trial, and since then, nothing else has interested me more than becoming a lawyer. I decided that Political Science was the best major for me at USC as I set my goals for law school.

At USC, I have been involved in various organizations and clubs. During my freshman year, I lived on El Sol y La Luna, the Latinx dormitory floor on campus, which helped me find a community with similar cultural values as mine on campus. I also participated in the Joint Educational Project (JEP) as a tutor at School on Wheels, an organization for children with unstable homes. During my sophomore year, I joined Troy Camp where I volunteer with K-12 children, interned at Parent Revolution — a non-profit organization that aids parents of students in LAUSD — became a member of Phi Alpha Delta — a professional fraternity dedicated to supporting pre-law undergraduate students — and became a sister of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Incorporated. Additionally, this year I got hired as a student employee at USC Transportation and as a legal assistant at Miranda Rights Law Firm, where I work side by side with the paralegals on case files.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, I focused on growing my eyelash extension business, which I have had since the beginning of 2019. Most recently, in addition to my lash business, I have resumed my work at Miranda Rights Law Firm and will return to my job at the USC Ticket Office in the upcoming weeks.

My time at USC has been exceptional, and I’m blessed to have received the opportunity to be a part of such great organizations. The Caldwell program has provided me with the support I needed in order to succeed at USC, and I am forever grateful for all that they do. Karen especially has been amazing and continues to support me and check up on me consistently. Without the help of the program, my experience at USC would not have been as great as it has been so far.

After graduating in May, I plan on taking a year off to live in Spain where I plan on being a teacher’s assistant teaching children English. I will be applying to law school in Fall 2022 in hopes of attending law school in Fall 2023.

Managing all of my different jobs and organizations can sometimes be a difficult task on its own, but ambition runs in my DNA so I continue to strive to work harder, motivated by my inner passions and drive for success.”