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Natalia Carrillo

Last updated 09/21/2023

Natalia Carrillo is a sophomore majoring in International Relations. Last year, she dedicated herself to mastering a third language and enrolled in French classes. Presently, she is diligently honing her French skills as she prepares for an upcoming semester abroad in France during her third year of college. During her first year, she pursued a minor in Latin American studies, immersing herself in the captivating realm of Latin American philosophy. Additionally, she has had the incredible privilege of working for a year in Cultural Relations and University Events at USC, where she held significant responsibilities, including managing convocation and commencement ceremonies.

She described it as an immense honor to be entrusted with such crucial tasks twice a year. This summer, she enthusiastically joined Project Superbloom, an organization that advocates for the significance of voting. Through this experience, she has learned how to educate others about their voting options and the process of voter registration. Concurrently, she is undergoing training with the esteemed National Democratic Training Committee. This past summer she took a full-time position at Pacific Park in Santa Monica, enabling her to independently fund her education at USC. Finally, one of the most momentous events of her life occurred this past summer when she officially became a US citizen, alongside her two younger siblings. This significant milestone was made possible by her mother, who became a citizen two years ago.