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Elsa Natalia Carrillo

Last updated 03/13/2023

Elsa Natalia Carrillo will be pursuing a degree in International Relations in USC’s Dornsife School of Letters, Arts & Sciences. In June 2022 she graduated from James A. Foshay Learning Center with the Superintendent’s High Honor Rolls. She moved to the US six years ago from El Salvador and as a high school freshman began playing the trumpet in the Foshay Concert and Jazz Bands. Her senior year she became the VP of the Music Department and also became a teacher’s assistant for the English Development Program, tutoring recent student immigrants in English language. She also created a Zoom Tutoring program in English language for entry-level Latin American Students. Elsa cherishes education and looks to work for the United Nations in Public Diplomacy and to create programs and raise money to build schools in rural Latin American communities.