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Dr. Patrick K. Tabon

Last updated 03/03/2023

We congratulate and thank Patrick K. Tabon, PharmD, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy for his dedicated service to our USC retiree community. He and his PharmD students have provided us with Medicare D consultations over the past 4 years with outstanding results! They have saved retirees thousands of dollars while educating them about the safe use of medications. Additionally, during Covid, he and his students wrote individual “Thinking of You” cards with personal messages to more than 200 of the retiree widows and widowers.

Patrick also instigated a new Successful Aging series presented in August. He is always thinking of ways to support us while providing students with valuable real life learning.

He is experienced in a variety of clinical pharmacy settings including community, acute care, and managed care practice. He is a licensed Advanced Practice Pharmacist (APh) in California, an active member of the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and continues to be involved with student leadership development and Mentorship.

Patrick was a 2016 OptumCare National Superhero Award recipient for his work in developing new models of care utilizing technology and pharmacist-based services. In 2021 he received the California Pharmacists new Practitioner of the Year Award as well.