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Deborah Hazzard-Bowers

Last updated 08/19/2021

Deborah Hazzard-Bowers’ first association with USC was as an AT&T employee installing the 5ESS telephone switch titled “The Big Switch” back in the late 80s. She joined SC in 1993 as part of the Telecommunications Team. For two years, she managed the 24/7 Medical Answering Service; then a year and a half as interim Director of Communications Services. Finally, she went back to her forte of managing the Technology itself. She retired amid the coronavirus pandemic in June 2020.

Since retiring she has been keeping calm during these times and wearing a mask as well as encouraging others to do so when she goes out to protect herself and her community.

When asked what lessons she has learned so far in her life after retirement, Mrs.Hazzard-Bowers replied:

“Plan! It sneaks up on you sooner than you think! Keep moving!”