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Ron Violette

Last updated 10/13/2021

Ron Violette worked at the Southern California Safety Institute in Torrance, CA, for four years after retiring from USC.  In 1995, Ron and his wife, Bonnie, both having grown up in La Crosse, WI, decided to have a house built on the shore of the Mississippi River in Brownsville, MN.  Since that time, they have spent about four months of the year there.  Just in case anyone wonders, the four months are usually June to October.  They have many family members and friends in the area, and the fishing is good.  That gives them a different view on life and keeps them very busy.  It gives Ron the opportunity to write letters to the editor of the local paper.  The eight months in California are taken up by many things.  Ron is still involved with USC, primarily through the SRA and sporting events.  He initiated the SRA Newsletter in 1994 and is still involved with its production today.  He has been involved in other SRA\Emeriti Center projects from time to time.  He was selected for the Leibovitz Award for 2007.  For hobbies, he does woodworking and playing at golf.  He also is very much involved in his church and has held about every position from Congregation President to Greeter.  For some years he was an AARP tax volunteer in a program that provides free tax services mainly to low income older persons.  Most importantly, he is Grandpa to seven children all in California.

Prior to coming to USC in 1976, Ron spent 24 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, including 250+ combat missions in Viet Nam, and in various Research and Development assignments including in the Development Planning of what is now the GPS.  He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech, an MBA and MSSM from USC.  The Air Force had sent him to USC to get the MBA in 1971.  This in large part was a reason why he landed at USC after retiring from the Air Force as a colonel in 1976.  He was a member of the Institute of Safety and Systems Management for his 15 years at USC.  Starting as a field representative in the large off campus program, he later held positions as Director Degree Programs Services and Director of Professional Programs.  At the peak of the ISSM programs, there were 88 study centers in 16 states, the Far East, and Germany with an annual course enrollment of 13,000.  He retired from USC in 1991.

“Don’t worry too much about how you will stay busy, that will come too easily.  Maintain a sense of humor and a positive attitude in good and not-so-good times, and don’t be overly concerned about ‘Growing Old.’  There will be days when you are the dog and days when you are the hydrant.  In preparation for retirement, it is vital to plan your financial future as far in advance as possible.”  Ron Violette, 2008