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John E. Wills, Jr.


Last updated 10/13/2021

John E. Wills, Jr, “Jack” (deceased January 13, 2017) to all his friends and colleagues, was Professor Emeritus of History at USC. He continues scholarly activity, with two important edited volumes published since retirement, and scholarly papers given from Barbados to Tuebingen to Athens to Hong Kong. He is especially proud of having instigated through the Emeriti College the Intergenerational Forum, in which retirees and current undergraduates discuss the big issues of the present-day world, and a parallel forum at the Neighborhood Unitarian-Universalist Church in Pasadena.

Lessons learned: “You can wish you’d figured something out sooner, but later is better than never. You’re hostage to your health, and four cheers for modern medicine when it gives it back to you.”

Festschrift in Honor of John E. Wills, Jr., March 17, 2015

In Memoriam: