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Joe Titone


Last updated 10/13/2021

Joe Titone lives in Vancouver, Washington, which is just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.  His hobbies include walking, classical music (especially opera), and computers.  Joe assists walking clubs in setting up and maintaining their web sites, and he has 3,000 walking-related pictures on various web sites.  He helps his friendspro bono with their computer problems and performs volunteer work for his local classical radio station.

After working for many years as a computer center manager in very large companies, Joe was lucky to arrive at USC for his final job.  He was the head administrator of what was then USC’s largest research project, then research manager for the Department of Medicine, and finally ended his career in the Department of Contracts and Grants, for which he still works as a consultant.  Joe retired in 2000.

“I haven’t found anything wrong with retirement, and the transition was easy.  As long as you have enough money and guaranteed health care, I think you’re ready to retire, if you wish.” Joe Titone, 2008