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Black Lives Matter Resources

Last updated 06/09/2020

Understand that it is important to analyze yourself internally and take actions through becoming more educated, teaching your children, protesting, donating, petitioning, voting, supporting Black businesses, and helping organizations that want to make a change. 

Learn and educate yourself: 

Want to Protest? Here are some things to know about:

Help donate:

Petitions to sign and make a change:

Start making active changes in your community:  

Support Black businesses: 


You can still do more! 

  • Have an internal check-in with yourself 
    • Identify your privilege & understand its significance
    • Virtual therapy: (They are able to provide free sessions as long as their funds allow them to)
  • See how people are doing during these times 
  • Share this page to others 
  • Stop supporting organizations that promote hate
  • Want more resources? Check out this link:

This page will be updated accordingly.