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Event Recap – RFA Intellectual Journey with Dr. Michael S. Waterman

Last updated 08/12/2022

A Pioneer in Quantitative and Computational Biology, University Professor Emeritus Dr. Michael S. Waterman shared stories about his academic career and why he spent decades thinking about molecular sequence data using computational approaches. His work concentrates on the creation and application of mathematics, statistics and computer science to molecular biology, particularly to DNA, RNA, and protein sequence data. Professor Waterman is the co-developer of the Smith-Waterman algorithm for sequence comparison and of the Lander-Waterman formulas for physical mapping and sequencing.  He founded the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics doctoral program at USC, and he is a member of the National Academies of Science and Engineering.

Presented by the Retired Faculty Association on April 25, 2022.

A recording of the event is available here.