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Financial Literacy

Last updated 01/12/2023

We invite you to look through our available resources to learn more about financial literacy. We worked with the Financial Awareness Foundation to provide crucial, easy to understand material that we think people of all ages need to know.

Your Financial Partner Overview – Essential Principles to Smart Personal Financial Management

  • Develop a sound financial plan to guide you through life’s event

Your Financial Partner Guidebook – Helping you achieve and maintain financial stability, security and freedom

Your Estate & Gift Planning Organizer

  • Develop & maintain a sound estate and gift plan for you and your family

Financial Awareness Quiz

  • To check your personal financial awareness and financial literacy, here are some questions to ponder. It’s private and confidential; and something to share with family and friends.

12 Month Financial Fitness Calendar

The Building Blocks to Successful Financial, Estate & Gift Planning Presentation

This presentation is designed to motivate, educate, and empower the viewer to get and stay financially organized, and be sure they have up-to-date financial, estate, and gift plans. Further it aims to improve their financial lifestyle by providing an easy-to-use, systematic approach to personal financial management, the Essential Principles to Smart Personal Financial Management – the foundation to personal finance knowledge. These tools of empowerment to help the viewer make better informed and productive everyday money decisions, save time and money working with financial advisers and service providers, and give them the best possibilities to reach and maintain their personal and family financial dreams, while advancing their legacy.

  1. Financial and state planning are very important for everyone whether you’re just starting out, mid age or retired.
  2. There’s an old saying – “The only person who doesn’t need financial and estate planning is one who never gets sick and who lives forever.”
  3. You need some tools to keep you on track so you can make the best informed decisions.

Other Resources:

About The Financial Awareness Foundation

The Financial Awareness Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; our mission is to significantly help solve a major social problem dealing with the lack of financial awareness and financial literacy. The Foundation serves as a nonpolitical “financial awareness advocate” for the general public – rich to poor, the financial service and nonprofits professionals and their organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, and employers. We believe that teaching financial awareness, financial literacy and the essential principles to smart personal financial
management – the foundation to personal finance knowledge – are very important as this gives people the tools of empowerment to:

  • Make better informed and productive everyday money decisions
  • Save time and money with their financial advisors and service providers
  • Have the best opportunities to reach and maintain their personal / family financial dreams
  • Enjoy a financially secure debt free future
  • Advance their legacy

What to do about your retirement and savings amid the pandemic.

Connection Between Wealth and Health

While it’s true that money doesn’t buy you happiness, science suggests that it impacts your health. Having access to money affects your quality of life and studies show that a low income often leads to a shorter lifespan. Learn more about the connection between wealth and health with