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John Recendez

Last updated 08/03/2022

I am John Recendez, a recent graduate of Dorsey High School and an incoming freshman at USC. Some of my accomplishments while at Dorsey include the Honor Roll Award for having a GPA of 4.0 or above for 3 years and my medal for running the LA Marathon with my school’s chapter of Students Run LA.
I am an incoming Business Administration major. I have always wanted to do something in the business field, but it was only through YouTubers, such as Afzal Hussein, did I realize that I want to work in the investment banking industry. Afzal Hussein is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, which is the same position and company I want to work in once I finish my bachelor’s. He talks about life as someone in that industry as well as the steps required to work at such a prestigious institution. His experience spoke to me personally and guided me as I set my career plans.
Outside of school, I volunteered at the 24th Street Theater which is only a few blocks down from USC. It is a community theater, and my involvement included mentoring elementary and middle
school children on acting techniques.
My internship at the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program revolved around a yearlong project
related to environmental studies. This participation included environmental restoration by
planting native plants and removing invasive ones, and cleanup for the endangered snowy plover
at Marina del Rey.
I also enjoy creative endeavors like writing stories that are of the “isekai” (fantasy) genre and
short rom-com stories. Recently, I’ve been writing is “film bro” inspired stories, based on movies
like Drive (2011) and Bladerunner 2049. Also, I won the Monologue Contest Grand Champion
Award for a story about a reunion between two childhood friends whose lives turned out
completely different revealed in the form of several monologues.
Some of my hobbies include trading stocks and cryptocurrency on Robinhood, writing stories
and publishing them anonymously online, and continuing to run after my Students Run LA
season ended.
I sincerely thank you and all of the other donors and decision-makers for the scholarship. As
someone who comes from a low-income family, I greatly appreciate the contribution to my
education expenses, and as someone who grew up in the neighborhood around USC, I feel
welcome knowing that the faculty, staff, and alumni of the university are so involved in the local