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Jeanne and Bob Church

Last updated 10/11/2021

The J. Tillman Hall Staff Award for Service to USC is presented to Jeanne and Bob Church. Jeanne (Marshall School of Business) and Bob have worked as a team for many years, supporting the Staff Retirement Association (SRA), the Retired Faculty Association (RFA), and the USC Emeriti Center. In 2003, the Churches were the first “team appointment” to a position on the Board of Directors of the SRA, serving as Co-Hospitality Chairs for four years (2003-2007). In this role, they reserved venues and arranged two general meetings of the association; and they took charge of organizing the programs for four annual Holiday Celebrations, each of which were attended by over 150 members of the SRA and RFA and guests of the Emeriti Center. In addition, the Churches organized tents for Homecoming celebrations, in cooperation with the RFA board.

They were elected jointly to the position of Vice President of the SRA for four more years (2007-2011) at the conclusion of their work as Hospitality Chairs. One of the most demanding responsibilities of this position is coordinating the program for the annual Staff Retirement Recognition Luncheons, which honor service to the University by the previous year’s staff retirees. During their time as Co-Vice Presidents, Bob and Jeanne Church served as ex-officio members of the RFA Board, representing the Staff Retiree Association at Retired Faculty Association Board of Directors meetings. In addition, Bob Church presided over several SRA Board meetings when the SRA President was unable to attend and has generously served as event photographer for many years.

Jeanne also represented the Emeriti Center on the USC University Club Board of Directors for two years and was appointed to the RFA Communications Committee. Bob is an active member of the Half Century Trojans, an organization of USC alumni who earned BA degrees at least 50 years ago. The Half Century Trojans sponsor an annual “Going Back to College Day,” promote the Trojan Spirit, and strengthen the bonds that connect USC alumni across generations.

Currently, the Churches are serving as SRA Program Chairs (2011-2013). Their responsibilities include arranging programs for the very popular and highly anticipated General Meetings in June and September. They are credited with securing USC Athletic Director Pat Haden for the September 2012 program and arranging guided tours of the new John McKay Center.

Through their constant dedication to service, personal warmth, and involvement in many organizations, particularly the SRA, Jeanne and Bob Church seem, in the words of one of their colleagues, omnipresent. They are always ready to pitch in to ensure the SRA accomplishes its goals on behalf of the USC retiree community. Individually, and as a team, the Churches have contributed significantly to the well-being of the Trojan Family.

Award presented to Jeanne and Bob Church on March 21, 2013