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Deborah MacInnis

Last updated 08/03/2022

Professor Deborah MacInnis has been an outstanding scholar with a devotion to developing and disseminating knowledge about consumer behavior and marketing at USC for almost 30 years. Since receiving her Ph.D. in 1986, Professor MacInnis has produced a continual stream of impactful papers and continues to publish in the top journals for marketing understanding. Among these contributions have been 66 journal articles, 11 book chapters, and three books on marketing. Her work has accumulated over 28,000 citations, 13,000 of which have occurred during the past five years. Through this work, Professor MacInnis has been repeatedly regarded as a leader in her field which is corroborated by her countless achievements. Chiefly among these are the Paul Converse Award (2020), Lifetime Achievement Award for the Consumer Behavior Special Interest for the AMA (2020), the Association for Consumer Research Fellow Award (2018), and the Society for Consumer Psychology Fellow Award (2017).  

Professor MacInnis’ academic legacy is not limited to the scholarly work she is responsible for. She has served on the Ph.D. dissertation committee for over 20 students, most of which came from USC. Additionally, she is an integral part of advancing marketing studies at USC. Through administrative roles at the Marshall School including Department Chair, Vice Dean for Research and Ph.D. program, Vice Dean for Research and Strategy, and Vice Dean for Undergraduate Program, she increased the visibility and scholarly reputation of the Marketing Department. Her work as a teacher and leader has led many at the Marshall School to believe she is an indispensable asset to the school and university at large. 

Through her work in the world of marketing academia, Professor MacInnis has procured a reputation as an invaluable resource for the advancement of business studies.

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