Become a Volunteer “Legend in Reading”

Men who are over the age of 40 and can read/write in English, here is a volunteer opportunity for you. The USC Kinder2College Legends program is a chance for older adults to serve their community by providing intergenerational literacy enrichment by serving as mentors to students from local schools. The goal is to create a reciprocal learning process among scholars and legends. K2C Legends lasts an hour during each Saturday Academy, totaling twelve hours, including a two-hour training. Lunch, parking and transportation are provided for volunteers.


For more information on dates and the program: Kinder2College Legends Flyer.

If you are interested in volunteering or want to learn more, contact: Sean Taitt (213) 743-4517 or Kim Thomas-Barrios at (213) 743-1591.


Read about K2C on USC News: