USC Emeriti College Fall 2017 Course – Climate Change

USC Emeriti College Fall 2017 Course 


Open and free to all students, faculty, staff, retirees and friends.

Climate Change:

Where Are We and Where Do We Go From Here?

TIME:             11:00 AM to 1:00 PM   (Light refreshments, bring your lunch!)

DATES:          Tuesdays, October 3 through November 14 (skipping October 17)

LOCATION:  URC Fishbowl 835 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0751

REGISTER:   or call 213-740-7122

Six two-hour classes on Tuesday mornings

If you miss a class, you can view the materials online here

Global warming, climate change, and renewable energy are much on people’s minds these days, and for good reason.  How society is currently dealing with these issues is having increasingly damaging effects now and will have profound consequences for the world we leave to future generations.  This course will discuss what climate change and global warming are, how we know the globe is warming, how we know we are causing it, and the fact that we are already beginning to see strong effects of climate change.  Where civilization is in the year 2100 will depend strongly on actions that we take over the next two or three decades.  Strategies for mitigating the worst effects of global warming will be discussed, including switching from fossil fuels to renewable electricity and establishing an all-electric transportation sector.  The role of government and the economic consequences of climate mitigation will be addressed.  We still have a chance to limit the increase in average global surface temperature to about 2 degrees Celsius if we get serious about deploying strategies that are already within our reach.


Thomas C Flood

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Environmental Studies



Selected student evaluation comments from Dr. Flood’s Osher Lifelong Learning Courses:

  • I found the course extremely interesting and valuable. The subject matter went beyond what I had anticipated. Very good at responding to questions.
  • Excellent course material, well presented, excellent coverage.
  • This class was stimulating, extremely informative, and very intelligently organized.
  • It was very appropriate for a lay audience. The subject matter was very topical.
  • Encouraged discussion and received participation from nearly all students attending.