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It’s been a tough time for those of our group who like to tour and explore.  We’ll be back at it as soon as the crisis is over.  In the meanwhile, we hope to reschedule a couple of our most popular tours of recent times: The Federal Reserve Bank and The Last Bookstore. We also plan a visit to the USC Pacific-Asia Museum, and we’ve talked of a tour of the newly-renovated Coliseum. Here’s an update on some opportunities we’ve discussed recently:

Since it may be a while before we can tour the Disney Hall organ, here’s a virtual tour led by the builder, Manual Rosales, and KUSC’s Brian Lauritzen:

Following up on our visit to the Fisher Museum, here is a video from the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, interviewing my relative Inga Protentis, who, with her family, was saved from the Holocaust by my great-uncle Isadore Kamien.  It’s a bit long, but fascinating.  She speaks of my mother, Rosebud Davis, me, and my sister Janie Miller.

This is the 60 Minutes segment that shows how the amazing exhibit that we saw at the Fisher  Gallery was created.  You’ll see several interviews with USC personnel.

When things return to normal, we’ll set up a tour of the Clark Library, which is nearby in the West Adams neighborhood.  Of particular interest is their collection of Oscar Wilde materials.

We plan a walking tour of the West Adams neighborhood, which is also near USC.  Hopefully, we’ll have one of their trained tour guides to lead us.  Here’s something about the history of the neighborhood:

The Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy is the newest building on campus, located on Exposition near the Exposition/Vermont gate.  It is dedicated to arts, technology, and the business of innovation.  We will set up a tour as soon as it is feasible.  In the meanwhile, here is some information:

Your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome.

Bill Givens and Dick Martin

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