All members of USC staff and their spouses/partners/companions are eligible for membership. There is no age restriction. Active and retired staff are encouraged to join.

Retired USC faculty and their spouses/partners are also welcome, as well as others by request to the Board of Directors.

  • Single membership – Any member or spouse/partner/companion of  member. Spouse/partner of a deceased member may continue their membership.
  • Life membership – Life membership is paid once and is non-transferrable.
  • Joint Life membership – Joint Life membership is available for any member and their spouse/partner.

Download the SRA Brochure

Download SRA Membership Application


For those who wish to make an online tax-deductible donation to one of four options, please click the donate button below.

Call the Emeriti Center at (213) 740-8921 for an SRA membership application form in PDF or printed format. You can view the SRA Membership application and save it on your computer. You can then either open it (or print it out from your computer), fill it in and e-mail the electronic copy as an attachment to: or mail the hard copy back to the Emeriti Center for processing.

Please note our address:
835 W. 34th Street, URC 103
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0751