“What Matters to Me & Why” with Claude Zachary – Sept 6

“What Matters to Me and Why” with Claude Zachary

On Wednesday, September 6th, Claude Zachary held a lecture at Ground Zero Performance Cafe (TRO) from 12-12:50 p.m. discussing the topic of “what matters to me and why” then the floor will open for an informal dialogue. The event was free, and a light lunch was served. For more information on the event, please click here for more info.

Claude Zachary speaking at the event

“What Matters to Me and Why” represents a creative solution to an important and often unrecognized problem in the university setting: the separation of intellectual life from personal and spiritual issue. For some time, students have been asking for more informal contact with faculty. They have expressed their desire to encounter faculty and administrators as rounded human beings, professional models, and mentors. The people who shape USC, who teach students the ways of their particular disciplines, and who help them develop marketable skills also have a great deal to pass on in terms of worldly wisdom, moral guidance, and sources of spiritual strength.

Source: What Matters to Me and Why Program (orl.usc.edu/programs/matters)

Claude Zachary has been the University Archivist and Manuscripts Librarian in the University of Southern California Libraries Special Collections since 1998.  He holds a BA from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Library and Information Science, with an archival concentration, from UCLA.  He has been active in the Society of California Archivists and in the Society of American Archivists since 1996, and has served on the executive committee of LA as Subject Archives Forum.  Zachary has co-authored several publications related to the architecture and history of USC and Los Angeles.  He has been attending and archiving What Matters to Me & Why for the past 15 years, and is honored to be asked to share.