RFA Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the five officers and two at-large Board members appointed by the President.  It considers matters of importance to RFA members and initiates changes to the RFA’s Rules and Procedures.  The committee is chaired by President Calvin Lau.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is composed of six Board members, including the current and past presidents, vice president and three at-large Board appointees. The chair of this committee is Victor Marshand Webb.

Communications Committee

The Communication Committee establishes two-way communication with RFA members by mail, e-mail notices, and the RFA website. It also oversees RFA’s annual membership solicitation program. The committee is co-chaired by John Orr (jorr@usc.edu) .

Program/Events Committee

The Program/Events Committee plans and implements programs that are of interest to RFA members and to others in the USC retiree community.  These include Sherry Hours, group attendance at Visions & Voices events, regional social gatherings, field trips, the Holiday Party and group attendance at the USC spring musical. Co-chair positions are unfilled for 2016-2017.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee oversees RFA’s activities as co-sponsor (along with the Office of Student Aid) of the Russell Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program, which supports selected students from neighborhood high schools who are attending USC.  RFA provides financial support. It also organizes events in which Caldwell Scholars interact with each other and with members of the retiree community. The co-chairs are Kaaren Hoffman (kaaren@usc.edu) and Victor Marshand Webb (victorw2@aol.com).

University Service and Awards Committee

The University Service and Awards Committee recommends names of retired faculty to the Office of the Provost for possible service on University committees. It also recommends nominees for other honors (e.g., the Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award and the Paul Hadley Award for Service to the University).

Ombudsman/Advocacy Committee

The Ombudsman/Advocacy Committee (ad hoc), in collaboration with the Emeriti Center, oversees the RFA’s advocacy activities.  2016-2017 co-chairs for this committee have not been selected.

Financial Planning Committee

The Financial Planning Committee (ad hoc) proposes long-term financial goals and strategies and annual budget proposals.  It also reviews the appropriateness of RFA-financed strategies and expenditures in relation to RFA’s core mission. Kenneth Servis (serviske@usc.edu) is the  RFA Treasurer and chair.