Give to the RFA

Three Types of Contributions to the Retired Faculty Association

RFA General Fund

The Retired Faculty Association is supported by annual (July to July) $25 contributions from its active members. These contributions are used to pay for general operating expenses, events, programs and administrative support through the Emeriti Center including RFA database maintenance, managing RFA funds, answering phone calls and inquiries, handling RSVPs for RFA events and numerous other communication tasks.  Members are encouraged to contribute more than the basic $25 as these additional funds help pay for special events and allow the RFA to expand its activities and develop new services for its members. The RFA has no other sources of income to support its activities.

Russell Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship

The purpose of the Russell Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship is to support and encourage students from the ten high schools neighboring USC to attend the University. The Scholarship program began in 1966 when, in response to the local civic unrest of the times, Dr Caldwell challenged his colleagues to create a new USC-to-neighborhood relationship by providing much needed scholarships. Upon Dr. Caldwell’s death, the RFA assumed responsibility for the program and in keeping with Dr. Caldwell’s vision strives to foster relationships between the faculty and staff of the university and the students who grew up nearby. It is hoped that all retirees will lend at least some financial support to this worthwhile program.

Robert Biller Retired Faculty Association Endowment Fund

The endowment fund was established in 2007 to provide long term support for the  Retired Faculty Association. Those who contribute helping assure that the RFA can continue to serve its members for years to come. Income from the endowment fund may be used to support emergency needs and to expand RFA’s services and activities.

Three Ways in Which Contributions Can Be Made

Credit Card Giving via On-Line

Contributions to the RFA can be made on-line through the main University Gifts site. Simply click on the GIVE NOW icon on the RFA Web page and you will automatically be transferred to the university’s secure, online giving site.

  • On this site you should check the option ‘I am making a new one time gift’.
  • Below this option you are asked to select the areas (General Fund, Caldwell Scholarship, RFA Endowment) where you wish your contribution to be placed. You can select multiple areas. You can also use this site to make gifts to programs or schools other than the Retired Faculty Association.
  • Once selections are made, the next page asks you to designate the amount you wish to give to each selected area. The money you donate will go directly into the corresponding account.
  • Following this you will be asked to provide some personal data (name, address, etc) and then finally you will be asked to then provide information as to the credit card to be used.

Credit Card Giving via Telephone

If you prefer to give via the telephone, you need to call the general number for University Advancement (213-740-7500).  Here you will provide much the same information as detailed in the on-line section. Before calling, it might be helpful for you to download the PDF file which details the questions that will be asked (click here to download this PDF).

  • First you will need to indicate the areas to which you would like to contribute and the amount of each such contribution. As an additional safety measure you should provide the actual account numbers for each area. These account numbers are listed on the PDF but are also included here: RFA General Fund (92-0422-2726); Caldwell Scholarship (91-9520-3735); and RFA Endowment (99-0422-3671).
  • Next indicate the personal information required – In general: name, address, email, telephone, spouse’s name if pertinent.
  • Finally, indicate information regarding the payment source (credit card number).

Giving by Check

If you prefer to give by check, simply download and print the pertinent PDF file (click here). Fill out the form (essentially the same information asked on-line or by telephone) and mail it in with your check payable to:

RFA Treasurer
RFA Treasurer, USC Emeriti Center
835 W. 34th Street, URC 103
Los Angeles, California 90089-0751