Get Involved

Retired Faculty Association

Retired USC faculty members are encouraged to get involved in the work of the Retired Faculty Association. RFA Board meetings are open to all. Members are also encouraged to volunteer for service on RFA committees–especially the Programs and Events Committee, the Communications Committee, the Scholarship Committee, and the Ombudsman/Advocacy Committee. See more information about RFA committees. To explore opportunities for involvement involvement in RFA activities, contact the RFA President.

RFA sponsors a series of educational, social, and cultural events, which are announced in the Retirement Community Newsletter, through e-mail distributions to members, and on this website. RSVPs are customarily addressed  to or, by phone, to 213-740-7122.

University Committees

The Office of the Provost welcomes retired faculty as members of University committees. In this fashion, retired faculty can continue to work with active faculty colleagues to help shape USC policies and procedures. The RFA Committee on University Service and Awards forwards the names of RFA members who have consented to be considered by the Provost for this activity. Information about service on University committees can be obtained by contacting RFA President, Calvin Lau.

USC Emeriti Center

RFA members actively participate in USC Emeriti Center programs. They are encouraged to make themselves available for appointment to Emeriti Center committees–especially to its Benefits and Resources Committee. See information about this committee.


Many retired Trojans want to continue to support the mission of USC by volunteering or working short-term or part-time for pay in various USC schools, departments, and divisions. Sponsored by the Emeriti Center, this program enables USC retirees to connect with University units that need part-time and/or temporary full-time help. Retirees post their profiles and resumes online at the Trojan ENCORE website. Hiring managers access and review retiree profiles. Employment terms are determined by the hiring managers and the retirees.

Emeriti Center

The Emeriti Center College offers an extensive program of lectures and presentations at various locations in the Greater Los Angeles region. In addition, the College provides courses for retired faculty and staff, some of which include USC students as participants. Retired faculty members are encouraged to serve as speakers or teachers in these programs. More information about programs offered by the Emeriti Center College. For information about getting involved in the Emeriti Center College, contact Director, Jerry Walker (

Association of Retiree Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE)

The Emeriti Center serves as the national headquarters for this association, which provides information, consultation, and mutual support for retiree programs at a growing number of universities in the United States and Canada. USC retirees are encouraged to attend AROHE events and to participate in AROHE committees. For more information about how you can become a part of this effort, see the AROHE website (, or contact the Executive Director of the Emeriti Center, Janette Brown ( or at (

View a list, prepared by the USC Emeriti Center, of opportunities for retirees to stay connected to the University