RFA Distinguished Lecture “Homegrown Violent Extremism: Toward a New Understanding” – Jan 12

On Jan. 12 in the URC Religious Center (“Fishbowl”), the RFA led another distinguished lecture called “Homegrown Violent Extremism- Toward a New Understanding.” The lecture was led by Dr. Erroll G. Southers from the Sol Price School of Public Policy. Dr. Erroll G. Southers is also a Professor in the Practice of Governance and a Director of the Safe Communities Institute. There was a light lunch served after the event. Please read below for more information about the lecture.

We are facing a clear and present danger. The threat is ‘homegrown’ and being committed by extremists who are inspired by a diverse collection of ideological motivations, based on race, religion and issue-orientation. Dr. Southers, director of the Sol  Price School of Public  Policy’s  Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies Program, examines the complexity of this landscape, offering his perception, some predictions, and interdisciplinary community-based initiatives America should consider going forward.