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USC Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP)

If you live in LA county and help a relative or friend (age 60 and older) with one or more of the following tasks: physical care (getting in and out of bed), making health care decisions, cooking, cleaning, yard work, managing medications and going to doctor visits, making important decisions, shopping for groceries and other items, legal issues, helping with bill paying, bathing and dressing, providing transportation, and care-giving.

FCSP offers help to caring family and friends for all cultures and communities in LA county. FCSP is funded in part by LA Community and Senior Services and the USC Davis School of Gerontology. Services are low or no-cost to family caregivers and friends who help someone over the age of 60.

Are you helping an older adult with any of the following tasks?

  • Preparing Meals
  • Bathing and Getting Dressed
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cleaning the House
  • Managing Medications
  • Arranging for Services
  • Paying Household Bills
  • Getting In and Out of Bed
  • Getting to Doctor Visits

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, YOU ARE A CAREGIVER.

A caregiver is someone who assists another person – usually a family member – who has physical and/or mental limitations. Caregiving allows the person with a condition to stay in the home for as long as possible so he/she can be cared for safely and comfortably.

Although caregiving can be very rewarding, it can also be stressful. There may be times when caregivers feel pressured by the demands of giving care, balancing family obligations, working and taking care of themselves. Occasionally, they may not know where to turn for answers, emotional support, or practical advice on how to get a break from caregiving responsibilities.

Call FCSP toll-free: 855-USC-6060 (85-872-6060) for Help. You can also visit their website here