Family Support

My Confidential Documents – Writeable

“My Confidential Documents”, is one of several resources developed at the Emeriti Center and is designed to help prepare, collect and store all important information in one place. Our retired USC faculty and staff are concerned about those who experience the loss or illness of a loved one and are faced with a number of decisions that they may not be prepared to handle. As a result of this concern, a group of USC retirees compiled a comprehensive list of what is needed when a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes away. We hope that this booklet is helpful for all members of the Trojan Family and our many colleagues and friends.

After the Death of a Loved One

The aftermath of a spouse or partner’s death is a time for grieving, coping, reflection, and memories. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by practical matters that need attention, in addition to your emotional concerns at such a difficult time. You may feel compelled to sell your home, quit your job, or move closer to loved ones. However, this is not a time for hasty decisions.

Your initial financial focus after such a loss should be collecting information about benefits that may be available to you. You also may want to consult an estate planning attorney and/or your tax advisor for additional guidance.

Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19 

Write down what’s most important for your healthcare for your family.

Advanced Care Directive

To learn more about stating your future healthcare goals/values, view: Advanced-Care-Directive

Five Wishes

This document is accepted in 48 US states. You can fill it out to help your caregivers know what your wishes are for your care if you are in the hospital or hospice.

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