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USC Retired Faculty Research Fund

Originally supported by the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation, and now funded through the USC Emeriti Center with an endowment from the Office of the Provost, annual funds are made available to support retired USC faculty with expenses related to research and publication. Up to $2,000 is distributed annually in the form of small individual grants. Previous recipients may reapply after three years. Grants also may be used to fund undergraduate research assistants or for travel to present at conferences.

USC Retired Faculty Research Fund Application – Writeable Form

Previous research grants include:

Robert R. Scales to provide a headstone for deceased USC faculty and Freedom Fighter, Dr. Endesha May Holland and to endow her unpublished plays for posterity at the archives at the University of Minnesota.

Carmen Silva-Corvalan to defray the costs of traveling to Portland, Oregon, to present the Plenary Address at the Linguistic Society of America’s 89th Annual Meeting.

Tu-nan Chang to defray the costs of traveling to Singapore to attend international conference on “Looking Forward to Quantum Frontiers and Beyond.”

Vivian Churness to help defray part of the costs of traveling to Chennai, India, to meet with the publisher and to do final proof reading of a textbook revision for Indian nursing students.

Sarnoff A. Mednick to defray costs of traveling to Copenhagen to conduct analysis of the aging process in a high-risk cohort of a study on schizophrenia.

William E. Thomson to assist with the reproduction rights for the 20th century paintings for his draft book manuscript, Metamusic and Kindred Misfires of the Arts “Revolution.”

Carl Q. Christol to have the publisher create a camera-ready copy of his book The American Challenge: Terrorists, Detainees, Treaties, and Torture — Responses to the Rule of Law, 2001–2008.

Maurice D. Van Arsdol for food, lodging, and travel to XXV International Union for Scientific Study of Population Conference in France, July 12–23, 2005, and to participate as senior author in the presentation of the paper, “Cross Border Population Flows and Policies in Northeast Asia.”

Peter Berton to assist with expenses toward the study of “The Japanese Communist Party: The Miyamoto Years and Beyond.” Expenses included travel to the 20th International Symposium in Japan, transportation in Tokyo, research materials, and research assistance.

Clancy Sigal to assist with expenses toward the study of “The Uses of Treason” and/or “The Creative Dilemma.”

Norman Levan to assist with expenses associated with the completion of the project “Comparative Studies of Health Care Systems.”

David M. Heer for research for completion of a biography of Kingsley Davis.

Norman B. Sigband for research on corporate and governmental units handling of the communication of crises situations to the public from 1998–2002; updating the sixth edition of Communication for Managers; and contributing to the 2003 Borchard Lecture.

William E. Thomson for travel to the 2002 International Conference on Music Perception in Australia for presentation of paper, “The Tonality Frame in Melody,” a conceptualization outlined in his book Tonality in Music.

Dorothy Soule for completion of a monograph on The Eastern Pacific Parasmittina “trispinosa” Complex (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata; New and Previously Described Species).

Michael G. Fry for research for publication of the second volume of a two-part study entitledLloyd George and Foreign Policy, 1916-1922: “And Fortune Fled.”

Frances L. Feldman for research requested by the Los Angeles city archivist to identify the role of the city’s government in identifying social problems and providing human services published in 2002 by the Los Angeles Historical Society under the title “The Evolution of Los Angeles City Government: An Institutional Memory, 1850-2000.”

Paul Christopher for research for publication of a book entitled Krainukov’s China: Western Visual Perceptions of Republican China and the Capacious Camera Eye of George Krainukov, 1925-1940.

Jay Martin for production of a manuscript entitled “The Education of John Dewey: A Biography” to finalize for publication with Columbia University Press.

Malcolm W. Klein for production of the manuscript, Gang Cop, to finalize for publication by Oxford University Press.

Anthony M. Mlikotin for research and copyediting for completion of Lone Journeys Toward Wisdom.

Peter Berton for travel to Tokyo and research materials for completion of a study of Japanese Communist Party.

Dorothy Soule for presentation of research findings at the Conference of International Bryozoology Association in Dublin, Ireland.

Gilbert Siegel for analysis of results and clarification of research for final production of Work Design, Jobs and Careers: Where is Local Government in the Changing Order of Arrangements?

Norman B. Sigband for completion of the seventh edition of Communication for Managers.

Joy G. Cauffman for completion of a manuscript, “The Effect of Continuing Medical Education Interventions on Physician Performance and Patient Health Care Outcomes: A Ten Year International Study of Randomized Controlled Trials Involving Family Physicians and General Practitioners.”

James C. Warf for research and final editing of All Things Nuclear.

William H. Perkins for completion and preparation for publication of three manuscripts on stuttering: Core Mechanisms: A TextPrevention for Parents; and Recovery for Stutterers.

Undergraduate research assistance grants have been awarded to:

Carl Q. Christol
Frances Feldman
Michael G. Fry
Nancy Warner