J. Tillman Hall Staff Award 2011 Recipient: Carole W. Gustin

Carole W. GustinThe J. Tillman Hall Staff Award for Service to USC is presented to Carole W. Gustin. Carole started her career at USC in 1980 as the Senior Secretary of the Freshman Writing Program. From there, she progressed to Administrative Assistant in Transnational Studies, to Director of Student Affairs and to Associate Director at the School of International Relations. She retired from the position of Executive Assistant to the Dean in the School of Architecture in 2001. While working at USC, Carole served on the executive board of the USC Women in Management and was a founding member of the USC Council of Academic Advisors. In 1997, Carole was the recipient of the USC Staff Assembly’s Staff Recognition Award.

Upon retirement, Carole was an untiring supporter of the Staff Retirement Association (SRA). She became Program Chair of the SRA in 2003. She was elected SRA President in 2005 and held that post for four years. When she took office as President, she envisioned a dynamic Board of Directors to benefit staff retirees. Carole expanded the size of the Board and recruited highly motivated, energized, and innovative retirees to various board positions. She increased the number of Members At-Large. In Carole’s tenure as President, she elevated the visibility, accomplishments, and recognition of the SRA within the University community. Carole was a visionary and was constantly contributing new ideas for retirees. Throughout the year, the SRA has many events, outings, programs, and luncheons for the USC retirement community. As an example of her Board’s successes, the Retired Faculty Association emulated some of the accomplishments of the SRA within their retiree organization. Likewise, through Carole’s efforts, the two associations have collaborated on many occasions and have become a united voice advocating for USC retirees.

Carole was the Coordinator of the Trojan ENCORE Pilot Program, which brings retirees back to USC on a voluntary or paid part-time basis. Carole was a member of the Executive Committee for the Emeriti Center and volunteered in the Emeriti Center office. She continued to serve on the SRA Board of Directors until 2015. She was the epitome of unselfishness; volunteering and assisting whenever the need arose.

Outside of USC, Carole served as President of her homeowners association, a position she previously held from 2004-2006. She also served as a voting inspector at various elections and as a volunteer at local elementary schools.

Through her enthusiasm, her knowledge, love of the University, and just plain hard work, Carole has done great things to increase recognition of retired staff on the USC Campus. The University is fortunate to have an outstanding retiree such as Carole to enhance the quality of life for all the USC community.