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Leslie Wilbur

Recently I authored a book titled Destination USC via Luck, Pluck, and the GI Bill. It was based on a series of my stories published in Hawaii after I had retired from the faculty of the USC School of Education. I transmitted a copy to Dr. Janette Brown, Assistant Vice Provost of the USC Emeriti Center. After reading it, she invited me to establish a website, with her assistance. I asked myself, “At the age of ninety-three, what use would I have for a website?”

Henry B. Clark II

Since his retirement in 1994, Henry Clark was been able to explore his interest in writing fiction and actually wrote several novels, one of which has been published, Trophy Boy. Not only did he spend hours upon hours writing, he also became something of a front-line political activist, mainly in a small organization called The Alliance for Democracy, founded by Ronnie Dugger in 1996.