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Health & Wellness Event Recaps

Last updated 02/02/2023

Here you can find recaps for all of the Emeriti Center health and wellness events as well as our partner events:

Event Recap – Healthy Aging Series: Tips on How to be Part of Your Own Healthcare Team

Event Recap – Home Safety Workshop on July 28th

Event Recap: Sleep Hygiene Workshop on June 30th

Event Recap – Keeping Your Brain Healthy Workshop on June 16, 2022

Event Recap – OT Workshop on June 2nd

Wellness Events to Support Healthy Aging – Zoom Learning Session

Event Recap – Healthcare Delivery in California: Where Do We Go From Here?

Event Recap – Medicare Benefits and Costs Presentation with the CHCR 2021

Event Recap – Nutrition: Fact or Fiction?

The 5th Annual ‘Upside of Aging’ – November 10

Event Recap – Making Home Safe for a Person with Alzheimer’s

Event Recap: The Latest Research on a Healthy Brain & Alzheimer’s with Dr. Helena Chui, MD

Event Recap: Healthy at Home Habits Zoom Session

Event Recap: Supply Chain Lessons From the COVID Pandemic

Event Recap: Fall Prevention 101

Event Recap: Better Sleep for Better Health – Wellness Series

Event Recap: The Cognition Mission – How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Victor Wilson and His Tai Chi Journey

Event Recap: Optimizing Medication Therapy in the Age of COVID-19

How to Win at Wellness Event Resources

Event Recap – Putting the FUN in FUNctional: Meet OT students

Event Recap: The Power of Posture – An Introduction to Ergonomics

Retirement as a New Life Stage: A Candid Conversation About What Comes Next

Fall 2020 Wellness Series Event Recap

Fall 2020 Medicare Benefits and Costs with the CHCR

Center for Advancing Sociodemographic and Economic Study of Alzheimer’s Disease – Professor Julie Zissimopoulos

Medicare Part D Resources and Consultations

International Day of Older Persons – October 1, 2020

Event Recap: Earthquake Preparedness During a Pandemic

Event Recap: Sleep for Healthy Aging

Event Recap: Restoring Ourselves – Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness

Event Recap: Wellness Events to Support Healthy Aging

Event Recap: Advance Care Planning with Susan Enguidanos

New Series of Sol Price School of Public Policy Talks

Medicare & USC Senior Care Panel Recap

Event Recap: 3rd Annual Interprofessional Heath Care Symposium

Global Warming Lecture – 2018

Towards High Definition Precision and Personalized Healthcare

2nd Annual Interprofessional Health Care Symposium

1st Annual Interprofessional Health Care Symposium

August Opportunities Offered Through Senior Planet