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Event Recap – Putting the FUN in FUNctional: Meet OT students

Last updated 10/23/2022

USC graduate occupational therapy students training for a hands-on profession during a hands-off time will discuss their experiences starting their education in person, transitioning to online learning, and what they want you to know about staying healthy!

Event Date:

Date: Friday, February 5, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (PT)

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Handouts and Collateral

Read More About Each OT Student Below

Name: Alyssa Capellino

Hometown: Santa Ynez, CA

Undergraduate School and Major: University of Southern California, Human Biology with an emphasis in Human Performance

Favorite Occupation: Cooking, hiking, skiing

Name: Elizabeth Goodman

Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA

Undergraduate School and Major: USC, Health and Human Sciences

Favorite Occupation: Trail Running, Golf, watching USC football

Name: Rachael Kim

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Undergraduate School and Major: USC, Psychology/ minor in Dynamics of Early Childhood

Favorite Occupation: Swimming, videomaking

Name: Katherine Tao

Hometown: Temple City, CA

Undergraduate School and Major: UCLA, Psychology and Disabilities Studies

Favorite Occupation: Painting, Decorating, Eating, Playing Ukulele