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Emeriti Center priorities are reflected in our EC events

Last updated 12/03/2021

 Every year in April, Emeriti Center activities are reviewed by the Vice Provost of Academic and Faculty Affairs. This year, to  llustrate how the EC connects top priorities with what we do, we published a list of our events and color-coded them to see how frequently EC events line up with EC priorities.

Our priorities include Diversity & Inclusion   (interdisciplinary / intergenerational / multicultural), USC School Partnerships – Promoting USC Faculty Research & Teaching, Lifelong Learning & Wellness/Well-beingStudent Scholarship & Experiential Learning and University & Community Service. All EC priorities support retired faculty and staff in educational, cultural and social ways across many generations. The Center promotes an inclusive campus culture that celebrates diverse perspectives and seeks to discover helpful resources for retiree colleagues and also for the campus and community.

It is our aim to include everyone in our programming and this year, students, faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, and community members gathered to learn and connect. This offers rich and diverse intergenerational discussions and learning.

To see a list of all EC events coded by our priorities, go to: EC Events Annual Report Final PDF