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August Opportunities Offered Through Senior Planet

Last updated 10/23/2022

Senior Planet, a resource offered through AARP will be hosting several events during the month of August. You can read more about them below. You can read about all of the offered events here.

Internet of Things: Wearables

From fitness trackers to smart glasses, wearable technology is here to stay! Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a tech newbie, there’s something for everyone. Come to this lecture to learn about the health, wellness, and personal safety benefits of wearable technology.

Easy-to-Follow Tai Chi

This gentle, slow, flowing form of exercise can. This gentle, slow, flowing form of exercise can be done seated as well as standing, by people of all ages and all abilities. Taiji Fit is easy to follow along and easy to do. There is no right or left, no right or wrong. Just move, breathe, flow.