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“Thinking of You” Project

Last updated 07/28/2021

When the pandemic hit, we all had to work to think of ways to adjust to an isolated lifestyle. But some like the USC School of Pharmacy students worked to think of ways to support the Trojan community. This resulted in the creation of the “Thinking of You” Project, a group of 7 students, spearheaded and organized by Kristen Liang, a P4 pharmacy student, who wanted to create long-lasting bonds through handwritten letters to our retirees. The project has now been completed! Here are some lovely pictures of the projects and of the amazing Trojans who started it all. 

Kristen Liang

“The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live and communicate. However, for many older adults, staying at home now means they are unable to participate in daily activities that involve engaging with their communities. As a result, it is difficult for them to maintain the same level of social interaction that is vital to healthy aging. Although social isolation can affect anyone regardless of age, older adults are particularly more vulnerable. In light of these changes, we partnered with the USC Emeriti Center to connect with USC retirees to ensure that they know we are here thinking about them. We wanted to bring a little bit of sunshine into their lives with thoughtful letters. The goal of the Thinking of You Project was to create connections with USC retirees who have done so much for our USC community.”  – Kristen Liang, PharmD Candidate 2021

Cards sent to retirees as part of the "Thinking of You" Project
Cards sent to retirees as part of the “Thinking of You” Project

“The Thinking of You Project was a valuable experience for me and our USC School of Pharmacy student pharmacists because it was a lesson on how human connection can be a powerful form of medicine. In our current pandemic and with social isolation, many older adults may feel isolated and disconnected from society. The Thinking of You Project was a way to connect our students and retirees by simply writing a letter or sending a card. It was a way to make sure our USC retirees, who have dedicated their time to USC during their working years, still know they are a part of the Trojan Family. It is my hope that after these connections are made, the communication and relationships continue as our generation still has much to learn from those who came before us.” – Dr. Patrick Tabon, PharmD, APh, BCPS, BCGP, BCACP

Erika Generoso

“I mentioned this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in my letters to the retirees: “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Erika Generoso, PharmD Candidate 2021

“This was a really precious experience for me. In addition to being able to send cards to my retiree and being a support in their life, I was able to make a new friend. We’ve been texting and calling each other since we became friends. She’s shared many meaningful insights with me on some of my personal issues, and she’s just been a wonderful support in my life. Actually, I feel like I can’t describe what an amazing and wonderful experience this has been with words alone” -Daisy Kyu, PharmD Candidate 2021

Kristen Keeno

“During a time of isolation, knowing that I could reach out and just say a simple hello and wishing the retirees their best as they navigate through this time, encouraged me to participate – especially since I know I would want someone to reach out to me during difficult times like this”. – Marcella Vargas, PharmD Candidate 2023

“Receiving cards in the mail always brightens my day, so hopefully the letters that were sent out brought comfort to a lot of people. I wanted to include a small activity to help pass the time in isolation, and I hope that some of you were able to fold your own origami crane.”

– Kristin Keeno, PharmD Candidate 2022