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Spotlight: SRA Treasurer Dick Martin

Last updated 01/24/2023

Mr. Dick Martin is a current member and Treasurer of the USC Staff Retirement Association. In 1957, Martin graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Speech and Drama . Following his time at Stanford, Martin came to USC as a graduate student in the Department of Cinema but was drafted after his first year into the US Army Signal Corps. After his two years of service, Martin returned to USC to obtain his Master’s Degree in 1961. Following completion of his degree, Dick went to Dallas, Texas for two years where he made commercials and documentaries for Keitz and Herndon. Martin then returned to Los Angeles where he worked as production manager for a television series known as the “Hour of St. Francis.” This led him to NBC Burbank, where he worked as a member of the production team for 22 years. Following NBC, Martin made his return to USC. Here, he was the Director of Operations and Facilities Management for the School of Cinematic Arts for 15 years before his retirement in 2003. He joined the SRA shortly before his retirement and became the treasurer in 2004. 

After his retirement, Martin has continued to work on a variety of different sound projects at different theaters. Herb Farmer from Cinema put Dick in touch with people at the American Cinematheque. This led Martin to volunteer work on both the reopening of the iconic Aero Theater Building in Santa Monica and maintenance on the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. 

Now, Martin enjoys his free time sailing, reading, cooking, and taking care of his pets. He is currently the Treasurer and Principle Race Officer for the Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club in Alamitos Bay. He receives all the entries, coordinates the flags, secures a committee boat, starts and observes the race. During his time in the Navy, he joined the U.S. Power Squadron taking sailing courses in a multitude of different subjects such as celestial navigation. Last year, Dick received 50 years of service certificates from both the Yacht Club and U.S. Power Squadron. Martin states the best thing about retirement is the time to yourself to explore the hobbies in further detail. He is currently reading through the set of Great Books, an encyclopedia of insight into the foundations of civilization. Martin also enjoys cooking, especially large dishes such as his family recipe, Husband’s Cake. Martin also sources some of his ingredients from his garden which he tends to in his free time. He is also an avid pet owner, having 4 rescue cats, 2 parrots, and a koi fish pond in his backyard. Martin looks forward to exploring his hobbies and taking time for himself.