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New Keck Parking Procedures for Gold Card Holders

Last updated 08/24/2022

For those with USC Gold Cards wishing to have free parking at Keck with Keck’s new contactless parking: Register online at Pied Parker, then email a photo of your Gold Card(s) to You do not need to upload an app or have a cell phone.

This new system is in the Keck parking structure, Healthcare Center 2, and Healthcare Center 4. The locations where the Gold Card was previously accepted has not changed. Just the process for how it is done. At Keck, HC2 (Healthcare Center 2) and HC4 (Healthcare Center 4) parking, is through PiedParker. Norris valet remains the same, showing your Gold Card will grant you parking access, as will the Pied Parker App. At the Biggy Street Parking Structure (managed by USC Transportation) users will need to show their Gold Card. They have not changed their acceptance for the Gold Card – they just do not use PiedParker. 

See details below:

Contactless Parking with Pied Parker

Keck Medicine has partnered with Pied Parker to provide a contactless parking experience for our patients and visitors at the following parking facilities: Keck Hospital, Healthcare Center 2 and Healthcare Center 4. This means your entire parking experience will be cashless and done through the Pied Parker app or

The new program at Keck requires everyone to register for contactless parking using Pied Parker ( for entrance and exit to parking structures.

We recommend creating your online account before your visit.

How it works:

  1. Visit to create your online account.
    1. (You can call or email the Emeriti Center if you need help setting this up).
  1. Follow the prompts to set up your parking account. You will need your: email, license plate (or multiple plates), make/model/color of each car, and credit card. You do not need to reserve a parking space, simply set up your account and drive up to the entrance of the parking facility.
  1. Once you have an account, the contactless technology will recognize your license plate when you enter and exit the parking structure and process any payments automatically

4. USC Gold Card holders may email with an attached photo copy of their Gold Card(s). This way Pied Parker will use your free Gold Card access pass instead of a credit card to provide parking entrance and exit.

(Patients and visitors who do not have access to a computer or mobile phone can use Keck on-site tablets to get parking validation or make a payment. They will also have staff available to assist patients and visitors with any parking questions.)

For more information:

Map of Keck Medical Center