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Going Back to School after Retirement

Transitioning from your career to post-retirement is a time full of changes; most commonly, people find themselves unsure of what to do with this dramatic increase of free time that they suddenly have available. While many do enjoy taking this time to get some well-deserved rest and quality time with loved ones, it isn’t uncommon for individuals to feel stuck or bored. In a society where our social and professional lives become intertwined, retirement seems like an end to both social and professional development that can leave people yearning for more.

As of recently, continuing education has become more accessible for individuals post-retirement. When we think about attending college, most people have the same expectation: thousands of young adults who are partying and socializing and living out their “best years”. This is not typically a scene where post-retirees feel welcome or included in, so many may not consider returning to classes as a sensible option. However, continuing education can allow an individual to continue to maintain their mental skills, but can also introduce them to a new social circle where they can connect with others who are seeking the same knowledge.

There are several programs within the state of California that provide resources and accommodations for older adults to return to school. Some of the options are:

  • The Los Angeles Community College District provides free, non-credit adult courses at each of their nine campuses, with specialized programs in English as a Second Language (ESL), Healthcare, and Business

For more resources and options, please check out our Resources tab under “Education”!