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Gerontology Intern completes EC Survey


by Tiyunna Delk

I have had the most amazing opportunity this fall 2022 interning at the Emeriti Center, a true advocate and resource hub for USC retired staff and faculty. As a Human Development and Aging major under the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, my task as an intern was to develop a survey to collect data on the overall usefulness of the Emeriti Center.

Under the Proctorship of Dr. Janette Brown, we created and sent out surveys to approximately 3,400 current retirees asking their opinion on a variety of center related topics. Based on the preliminary results of the more than 300 responses received thus far, they are trending highly in favor of the Emeriti Center and its effectiveness as indicated by one of the most important survey questions, “How would you rate overall the USC Emeriti Center and its usefulness to retired staff/faculty?” This question received a 61% rating of Very Satisfied to Excellent and 29% Satisfied. Any organization that can get a satisfaction rate of 90% or higher is obviously doing something right. 

The survey also allowed for the respondents to provide feedback on what areas the Emeriti Center can improve on, as growth is always about reinventing and evolving to become better. Once the survey closes and the final numbers are in, Dr. Brown and team will share in a future newsletter the overall results of the Emeriti Center 2022 Survey. As a graduating senior I will not be a part of the next article addressing the survey; however, based on the responses received thus far, it is undeniable that the USC retirees find the Emeriti Center and its staff to be a treasured resource for which their services have not gone unnoticed. Thank you to Dr. Janette Brown and the Emeriti Center for such a memorable experience!


To view the finished survey visit: USC EC Survey Analysis 2022