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Fall 2021 USC Emeriti Center Student Workers and Interns


Last updated 09/23/2021

Lianne Chu (Senior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Applied Analytics)

Hello everyone! My name is Lianne Chu, and I am a senior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Applied Analytics. During my summer break, I had the opportunity to intern at Western Digital as a Business Marketing Analyst Intern. Now that the Fall semester is starting, I’m excited to be back at the Emeriti Center for my fourth and final year and am looking forward to all the new events we have planned. The past year and a half have definitely been unprecedented, but I am hopeful that things will take a turn for the better very soon! 

Hana Chung (Junior majoring in Cinema and Media Studies and minoring in Culture, Media and Entertainment)

Hello, my name is Hana Chung! I am a junior majoring in Cinema and Media Studies at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and minoring in Culture, Media, and Entertainment at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. As a student worker at the Emeriti Center, I primarily focus on the Living History Project, Retiree Spotlights, and other digital content on the website. I am always looking to build more experience and useful skill sets, and I found that the EC is the place to do just that! 

Adrian Finer (Sophomore majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Music Industry)

Hi, I’m Adrian! I’m super excited to return working at the Emeriti Center. This summer, I was able to work on a ton of new projects including producing the radio play “Healing Lucille” for the In a Perfect World Podcast. I’ve also––of course––been binge-watching some new TV shows. A few of my favorites are “Never Have I Ever,” “Girl from Nowhere,” and “The White Lotus.” This fall, I’m most looking forward to seeing the EC office for the first time and seeing everyone without the Zoom boxes around their faces!

Helen Nguyen (Junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Law and Social Justice)

Hi everyone! My name is Helen Nguyen, and I am a junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Law and Social Justice. This summer I spent my time working at the Emeriti Center virtually, visited some family in Washington after everyone was vaccinated, and did a lot of physics homework for a summer class… I am very excited to be returning back to campus and the EC office. I can’t wait for all of the new and exciting things we have planned for the year and can’t believe it’s my third year with EC already. The past two years have been rough, to say the least, but I hope things take a better turn soon and everyone stays healthy as we return to campus. Whether it be in-person or virtually, I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you all!

Conrad Stone (Sophomore majoring in English, Creative Writing)

Hello, my name is Conrad, and I am a sophomore majoring in English. All things considered, I had an enjoyable summer. I went to New York City for a bit of time, mulling about life and wandering around the city. I also worked a summer job at a law office. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and believe some of the tricks I learned at the office will be applicable to my duties at the Emeriti Center. Although I wish summer could be a tad bit longer, I am excited to get to campus and begin the new year. 

Hannah We (Junior majoring in International Relations, minoring in Consumer Behavior)

Hello! My name is Hannah We, and I am a rising junior from Maryland studying International Relations with a minor in Consumer Behavior. I spent the summer interning in South Korea and also had the opportunity to visit my friends and relatives there! I am thrilled to be working with the team again this school year and especially look forward to organizing a wide variety of online, hybrid, and in-person Emeriti Center events to engage with everyone!

Nikki Zhang (Master’s student in the MSG program at Leonard Davis School of Gerontology)

My name is Nikki Zhang, and I am a student in the MSG program at Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Stony Brook University in New York. Acquiring knowledge about gerontology is challenging but exciting. I would love to devote myself to the field of aging in the next few years! My internship at the Emeriti Center will be my first step, and I look forward to a full harvest!

I really like the idea of EC bringing USC retirees together and supporting them. The internship will be my first practical experience, and I would like to learn how the organization works, what are retirees’ needs or changing needs after they retire, and what I can do to optimize their needs as I gain inspiration for my future career.